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PODS 2020: Tutorials

Tutorial 1: Three Modern Roles for Logic in AI

Speaker: Adnan Darwiche (University of California, Los Angeles)


We will discuss three modern roles for logic in artificial intelligence, which are based on the theory of tractable Boolean circuits: (1) logic as a basis for computation, (2) logic for learning from a combination of data and knowledge, and (3) logic for reasoning about the behavior of machine learning systems.


Adnan Darwiche is a professor and former chairman of the computer science department at UCLA. He directs the Automated Reasoning Group, which focuses on symbolic and probabilistic reasoning and their applications to machine learning. Professor Darwiche is Fellow of AAAI and ACM. He is a former editor-in-chief of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) and author of "Modeling and Reasoning with Bayesian Networks," by Cambridge University Press. His group's YouTube Channel can be found at:

Tutorial 2: Fine-Grained Complexity Analysis of Queries: From Decision to Counting and Enumeration

Speaker: Arnaud Durand (University of Paris, France)


This talk is devoted to a complexity study of various tasks related to query answering such as deciding if a Boolean query is true or not, counting the size of the answer set or enumerating the results. It is a survey of some of the many tools from complexity measures trough algorithmic methods to conditional lower bounds that have been designed in the domain over the last years.


Arnaud Durand is a professor at Université de Paris. He is chairman of the mathematics department and a member of the mathematical logic group. His research interests include finite model theory, descriptive and computational complexity. His recent research has focused on the foundations of enumeration and aggregation for query answering.

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