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SIGMOD 2020: Accepted Industrial Papers

  • Elastic Machine Learning Algorithms in Amazon SageMaker
    Edo Liberty (Amazon AI), Zohar Karnin (Amazon AI), Bing Xiang (Amazon AI), Laurence Rouesnel (Amazon AI), Baris Coskun (Amazon AI), Ramesh Nallapati (Amazon AI), Julio Delgado (Amazon AI), Amir Sadoughi (Amazon AI), Yury Astashonok (Amazon AI), Piali Das (Amazon AI), Can Balioglu (Amazon AI), Saswata Chakravarty (Amazon AI), Madhav Jha (Amazon AI), Philip Gautier (Amazon AI), David Arpin (Amazon AI), Tim Januschowski (Amazon AI), Valentin Flunkert (Amazon AI), Yuyang Wang (Amazon AI), Jan Gasthaus (Amazon AI), Lorenzo Stella (Amazon AI), Syama Rangapuram (Amazon AI), David Salinas (Amazon AI), Sebastian Schelter (Amazon AI), Alex Smola (Amazon AI)
  • Confidentiality Support over Financial Grade Consortium Blockchain
    Ying Yan (Ant Financial Services Group), Changzheng Wei (Ant Financial Services Group), Xuepeng Guo (Ant Financial Services Group), Xuming Lu (Ant Financial Services Group), Xiaofu Zheng (Ant Financial Services Group), Qi Liu (Ant Financial Services Group), Chenhui Zhou (Ant Financial Services Group), Xuyang Song (Ant Financial Services Group), Boran Zhao (Ant Financial Services Group), Hui Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group), Guofei Jiang (Ant Financial Services Group)
  • A Framework for Emulating Database Operations in Cloud Data Warehouses
    Mohamed Soliman (Datometry, Inc.), Lyublena Antova (Datometry, Inc.), Marc Sugiyama (Datometry, Inc.), Michael Duller (Datometry, Inc.), Amirhossein Aleyasen (Datometry, Inc.), Gourab Mitra (Datometry, Inc.), Ehab Abdelhamid (Datometry, Inc.), Mark Morcos (Datometry, Inc.), Michele Gage (Datometry, Inc.), Dmitri Korablev (Datometry, Inc.), Florian Waas (Datometry, Inc.)
  • Taurus Database: How to be Fast, Available, and Frugal in the Cloud
    Alex Depoutovitch (Huawei Research), Chong Chen (Huawei Research), Jin Chen (Huawei), Paul Larson (Huawei Research), Shu Lin (Huawei Research), Jack Ng (Huawei Research), Wenlin Cui (Huawei Research), Qiang Liu (Huawei Research), Wei Huang (Huawei Research), Yong Xiao (Huawei Research), Yongjun He (Huawei Research)
  • Reliability Analytics for Cloud Based Distributed Databases
    Mathieu Demarne (Microsoft Corporation), Jim Gramling (Microsoft Corporation), Tomer Verona (Microsoft Corporation), Miso Cilimdzic (Microsoft Corporation)
  • PASE: PostgreSQL Ultra-High-Dimensional Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Extension
    Wen Yang (Ant Financial Services Group), Tao Li (Ant Financial Services Group), Gai Fang (Ant Financial Services Group), Hong Wei (Ant Financial Services Group)
  • AliCoCo: Alibaba E-commerce Cognitive Concept Net
    Xusheng Luo (Alibaba Group), Luxin Liu (Alibaba Group), Yonghua Yang (Alibaba Group), Le Bo (Alibaba Group), Yuanpeng Cao (Alibaba Group), Jinghang Wu (Alibaba Group), Qiang Li (Alibaba Group), Keping Yang (Alibaba Group), Kenny Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Making Search Engines Faster by Lowering the Cost of Querying Business Rules Through FPGAs
    Fabio Maschi (ETH Zurich), Muhsen Owaida (ETH Zurich), Gustavo Alonso (ETH Zurich), Matteo Casalino (Amadeus), Anthony Hock-Koon (Amadeus)
  • CockroachDB: The Resilient Geo-Distributed SQL Database
    Rebecca Taft (Cockroach Labs), Irfan Sharif (Cockroach Labs), Andrei Matei (Cockroach Labs), Nathan VanBenschoten (Cockroach Labs), Jordan Lewis (Cockroach Labs), Tobias Grieger (Cockroach Labs), Kai Niemi (Cockroach Labs), Andy Woods (Cockroach Labs), Anne Birzin (Cockroach Labs), Raphael Poss (Cockroach Labs), Paul Bardea (Cockroach Labs), Amruta Ranade (Cockroach Labs), Ben Darnell (Cockroach Labs), Bram Gruneir (Cockroach Labs), Justin Jaffray (Cockroach Labs), Lucy Zhang (Cockroach Labs), Peter Mattis (Cockroach Labs)
  • A1: A Distributed In-Memory Graph Database
    Chiranjeeb Buragohain (Oracle & Microsoft), Knut Risvik (Microsoft), Paul Brett (Microsoft), Miguel Castro (Microsoft Research), Wonhee Cho (Microsoft), Joshua Cowhig (Microsoft), Nikolas Gloy (Microsoft), Karthik Kalyanaraman (Microsoft), Richendra Khanna (Oracle & Microsoft), John Pao (Microsoft), Matthew Renzelmann (Microsoft), Alex Shamis (Microsoft Research), Timothy Tan (Amazon), Shuheng Zheng (Microsoft & Amazon)
  • Timon: A Timestamped Event Database for Efficient Telemetry Data Processing and Analytics
    Wei Cao (Zhejiang University & Alibaba Group), Yusong Gao (Alibaba Group), Feifei Li (Alibaba Group), Sheng Wang (Alibaba Group), Bingchen Lin (Alibaba Group), Ke Xu (Alibaba Group), Xiaojie Feng (Alibaba Group), Yucong Wang (Alibaba Group), Zhenjun Liu (Alibaba Group), Gejin Zhang (Alibaba Group)
  • Vertica-ML: Distributed Machine Learning in Vertica Database
    Arash Fard (Vertica), Anh Le (Vertica), George Larionov (Vertica), Waqas Dhillon (Vertica), Chuck Bear (Vertica)
  • IBM Db2 Graph: Supporting Synergistic and Retrofittable Graph Queries Inside IBM Db2
    Yuanyuan Tian (IBM Research), En Liang Xu (IBM Research), Wei Zhao (IBM Research), Mir Hamid Pirahesh (IBM Research), Sui Jun Tong (IBM Research), Wen Sun (IBM Research), Thomas Kolanko (IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software), Md. Shahidul Haque Apu (IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software), Huijuan Peng (IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software)
  • An Ontology-Based Conversation System for Knowledge Bases
    Abdul Quamar (IBM Research - Almaden), Chuan Lei (IBM Research - Almaden), Dorian Miller (IBM Watson Health), Fatma Ozcan (IBM Research - Almaden), Jeffrey Kreulen (IBM Watson Health), Robert Moore (IBM Research - Almaden), Vasilis Efthymiou (IBM Research - Almaden)
  • Database Workload Capacity Planning using Time Series Analysis and Machine Learning
    Antony Higginson (Oracle Advanced Customer Services), Mihaela Dediu (Oracle Advanced Customer Services), Octavian Arsene (Oracle Advanced Customer Services), Norman Paton (University of Manchester), Suzanne Embury (University of Manchester)
  • Azure SQL Database Always Encrypted
    Panagiotis Antonopoulos (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Arvind Arasu (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Kunal Singh (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Ken Eguro (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Nitish Gupta (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Rajat Jain (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Raghav Kaushik (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Hanuma Kodavalla (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Donald Kossmann (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Nikolas Ogg (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Ravi Ramamurthy (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Jakub Szymaszek (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Jeffrey Trimmer (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Kapil Vaswani (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Ramarathnam Venkatesan (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research), Mike Zwilling (Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Research)
  • Spur: Mitigating Slow Instances in Large-Scale Streaming Pipelines
    Ke Wang (Carnegie Mellon University), Avrilia Floratou (Microsoft), Ashvin Agrawal (Microsoft), Daniel Musgrave (Netflix)
  • Entity Matching in the Wild: A Consistent and Versatile Framework to Unify Data in Industrial Applications
    Yan Yan (Amperity, Inc.), Stephen Meyles (Amperity, Inc.), Aria Haghighi (Amperity, Inc.), Dan Suciu (University of Washington)
  • Aggregation Support for Modern Graph Analytics in TigerGraph
    Alin Deutsch (University of California, San Diego & TigerGraph), Yu Xu (TigerGraph), Mingxi Wu (TigerGraph), Victor Lee (TigerGraph)
  • GIANT: Scalable Creation of a Web-scale Ontology
    Bang Liu (University of Alberta), Weidong Guo (Platform and Content Group, Tencent), Di Niu (University of Alberta), Jinwen Luo (Tencent), Chaoyue Wang (Tencent), Zhen Wen (Tencent), Yu Xu (Tencent)
  • The Machine Learning Bazaar: Harnessing the ML Ecosystem for Effective System Development
    Micah Smith (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Carles Sala (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), James Kanter (Feature Labs), Kalyan Veeramachaneni (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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