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PODS 2020: Accepted Papers

  • Solving a Special Case of the Intentional VS Extensional Conjecture in Probabilistic Databases
    Mikael Monet
  • The Adversarial Robustness of Sampling
    Omri Ben-Eliezer and Eylon Yogev
  • All-Instances Restricted Chase Termination
    Tomasz Gogacz, Jerzy Marcinkowski and Andreas Pieris
  • Bag Query Containment and Information Theory
    Mahmoud Abo Khamis, Phokion Kolaitis, Hung Ngo and Dan Suciu
  • Trade-offs in Static and Dynamic Evaluation of Hierarchical Queries
    Ahmet Kara, Milos Nikolic, Dan Olteanu and Haozhe Zhang
  • New Results for the Complexity of Resilience for Binary Conjunctive Queries with Self-Joins
    Cibele Freire, Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Neil Immerman and Alexandra Meliou
  • Fair Near Neighbor Search: Independent Range Sampling in High Dimensions
    Martin Aumuller, Rasmus Pagh and Francesco Silvestri
  • On the I/O complexity of the k-nearest neighbor problem
    Mayank Goswami, Riko Jacob and Rasmus Pagh
  • Tight Lower Bound for Comparison-Based Quantile Summaries
    Graham Cormode and Pavel Vesely
  • Projection Views of Register Automata
    Luc Segoufin and Victor Vianu
  • Triangle and Four Cycle Counting in the Data Stream Model
    Andrew McGregor and Sofya Vorotnikova
  • The Limits of Efficiency for Open- and Closed-World Query Evaluation Under Guarded TGDs
    Pablo Barcelo, Victor Dalmau, Cristina Feier, Carsten Lutz and Andreas Pieris
  • First-Order Rewritability in Consistent Query Answering with Respect to Multiple Keys
    Paraschos Koutris and Jef Wijsen
  • Deciding Robustness for Lower SQL Isolation Levels
    Bas Ketsman, Christoph Koch, Frank Neven and Brecht Vandevoort
  • Counting Problems over Incomplete Databases
    Marcelo Arenas, Pablo Barcelo and Mikael Monet
  • Parallel Algorithms for Sparse Matrix Multiplication and Join-Aggregate Queries
    Xiao Hu and Ke Yi
  • A Framework for Adversarially Robust Streaming Algorithms
    Omri Ben-Eliezer, Rajesh Jayaram, David P. Woodruff and Eylon Yogev
  • Generative Datalog with Continuous Distributions
    Martin Grohe, Benjamin Lucien Kaminski, Joost-Pieter Katoen and Peter Lindner
  • Aggregate Queries on Sparse Databases
    Szymon Torunczyk
  • On monotonic determinacy and rewritability for recursive queries and views
    Michael Benedikt, Stanislav Kikot, Piotr Ostropolski-Nalewaja and Miguel Romero
  • Answering (Unions of) Conjunctive Queries using Random Access and Random-Order Enumeration
    Nofar Carmeli, Shai Zeevi, Christoph Berkholz, Benny Kimelfeld and Nicole Schweikardt
  • Conjunctive Regular Path Queries with String Variables
    Markus L. Schmid
  • The Impact of Negation on the Complexity of the Shapley Value in Conjunctive Queries
    Alon Reshef, Benny Kimelfeld and Ester Livshits
  • How the degeneracy helps for triangle counting in graph streams
    Suman K. Bera and C. Seshadhri
  • Queries with arithmetic on incomplete databases
    Marco Console, Matthias Hofer and Leonid Libkin
  • Efficient Indexes for Diverse Top-k Range Queries
    Pankaj Agarwal, Stavros Sintos and Alex Steiger

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